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You can visit Portugal for many reasons: from letting yourself be carried away by the stunning Costa Vicentina, watching the spectacular sunset in Sagres, from the wonderful beaches and golf courses to the splendid mountain range and observing the infinite from its highest point in the Algarve, the Foía in Monchique, to get to know the typical Algarve towns and cities (Alcoutim, Alvor, Alte, Ferragudo, Silves, Sagres, Castro Marim, Bordeira, Monchique, Salir, Salema, Estoi…).

How to make holidays safer

Making Holidays Safer: A Mindful Approach on the Road

In Portugal, as in the rest of the world, human error is among the leading causes of road accidents. Often, these are the result of improper behavior by drivers. While many of our roads are well-maintained, there are others that demand extra caution due to their less than ideal conditions or winding layouts. In such instances, heightened attention is not just recommended but becomes a necessity, and defensive driving is the best course of action.